What is HockeyTV?

What is HockeyTV?

HockeyTV is the definitive online destination to watch ice hockey. By going to www.HockeyTV.com, viewers now have the most powerful online solution ever for viewing, archiving and managing hockey footage  from individual plays to complete games.

  • Unlimited viewing of games live and on-demand, with the ability to easily flip from game to game on the fly.
  • A modern interface that makes navigation simple to the hockey action that you want to watch, whether it’s live or on-demand.
  • Easy in-game navigation, with fully-functional DVR-like controls for pause, rewind, fast forward, instant replay, slow motion and more.
  • Game roster integration, providing easy access to player information while viewing the action on most games.
  • Features that allow you to create clips.

HockeyTV is a service of HockeyTech, the worldwide leader in hockey-related technology, analytics, video and information services.

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    • HockeyTV Important Notes

      HockeyTV maintains Streaming Operations Centers (SOC’s) during all live games. The primary purpose of these centers is to monitor the availability and quality of the stream, video, and audio components of a broadcast. Additionally, HockeyTV personnel ...
    • Android TV Setup

      You can download the Android TV HockeyTV app through the Play Store app. To download the app, please follow the instructions below: 1. From the Android TV Home screen, scroll down to the Apps row. 2. Select the Google Play Store app. 3. Browse for ...
    • Mobile Support

      We support all iOS and Android devices running a supported web browser or the most current version of the HockeyTV app. Download the Android App here or by searching HockeyTV in the Google Play Store. View this article here for troubleshooting tips.  ...
    • Android App

      The HockeyTV app for Android is available for download here or by searching HockeyTV in the Google Play Store. NOTE: the app required Android version 8.0 and up. Once you have downloaded the app, Log In to your account or Sign Up for a new ...
    • iOS App

      Download the HockeyTV iOS app here visit the App Store on your Apple device to view HockeyTV content on your iPhone or iPad. Once you have downloaded the app, Log In to your account or Sign Up for a new account. Along the left side of the screen, you ...