Streaming Tax

Streaming Tax

You may have noticed an increase in your monthly or annual subscription billing.  Several states in the Unites States have a streaming tax that has now been implemented on HockeyTV.  While checking your invoice you will see this listed as a Tax.
States that having a streaming tax and the percentage of the tax are listed below.

  1. ‚ÄčSales Tax NF - 2.9%
  1. Communications service tax nfr - 4.92%
  2. Statutory gross receipts nfr - 2.37%
  1. Streaming Not Taxed at state level
  2. Chicago city/county amusement tax - 9%
  1. Sales Tax - 6%
  1. Sales Tax - 6.875%
North Carolina
  1. Sales Tax - 4.75%
  1. Sales Tax - 5.75%
  1. Sales Tax - 6%
  1. Sales Tax - 5%

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