Smart TVs - Unsupported Device

Smart TVs - Unsupported Device

Although Smart TVs are convenient, we do not officially support Smart TVs to access our platform. HockeyTV is incompatible with Smart TVs as they have limited features compared to the flexibility you have on most PC web browsers/other supported devices listed below. This ranges from loading issues, formatting issues, display issues, and overall streaming issues.

While we understand the importance of watching HockeyTV broadcast on your big screen, you can view HockeyTV with a Smart TV in the following ways:
  1. Via an Internet Web Browser with an HDMI cord. We recommend that you ensure that your browser is up to date for the best possible experience. HockeyTV prefers Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Just visit
  2. On a Roku device. To get the free HockeyTV app, visit the Roku store from your device and search for 'HockeyTV'.
  3. On an Amazon Fire device. To get the free HockeyTV app, visit the Amazon Fire store from your device and search for  'HockeyTV'.
  4.  On an Apple TV device. To get the free HockeyTV app, visit the TVOS store from your device and search for 'HockeyTV'.
  5. On an Android TV device. To get the free HockeyTV app, visit the Google Play store from your device and search for  'HockeyTV'.
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