HockeyTV Important Notes

HockeyTV Important Notes

HockeyTV maintains Streaming Operations Centers (SOC’s) during all live games. The primary purpose of these centers is to monitor the availability and quality of the stream, video, and audio components of a broadcast. Additionally, HockeyTV personnel provide support to our partners who are trying to broadcast their games and to end-users, like you, who may be having issues.

We use both technology and humans to monitor every aspect of the broadcast—the moment an issue is recognized either an automated or human-generated report alerts our staff who takes immediate action.  This action typically includes contacting somebody on-site who can address the issue.  Sometimes the issue cannot be resolved—in these cases a broadcast may be canceled.

As part of our relationship with all our partners, each of our teams provides us with multiple game-day contacts who are expected to be available should an issue arise.  Often times these people are volunteers who have multiple jobs and may not be available exactly when we need them—we always keep trying when an issue needs to be resolved.

Lastly, please remember that the teams are doing their best to put out a quality broadcast.  Some hire professionals and deliver a broadcast that rivals television-quality while others use local students and volunteers to fill out their staff. Although they do their best, sometimes it is not perfect—whenever we reach them they work hard to resolve their issues and improve your experience.

We are always here to serve you. Please keep in mind that everybody is doing their best to ensure that your experience is perfect. But, if it’s not, we want to hear from you!

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