I’m having troubles submitting my payment information

I’m having troubles submitting my payment information

If you’re having trouble submitting your payment information, one or more of the following things could be wrong:

  1. You're using an Unsupported Web Browser and DevicePlease ensure you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to access HockeyTV with the best results. Internet Explorer or Silk Browser are not supported. If you are using one of these two browsers, please switch to a supported browser and try again. Also, confirm you are using a supported device with a supported web browser. PC/Mac, iOS/Android devices are suggested when purchasing a subscription.

  2. You're using a Prepaid Card. HockeyTV is a monthly or yearly subscription service and many pre-paid cards are not authorized for recurring transactions. You will need a credit card or debit card to purchase a subscription.

  3. You're entering the incorrect Billing Zip Code or Postal CodeIf you're receiving an error upon entering your billing Zip Code or Postal Code, it is possible that it may not match what the bank has on file. Please confirm the correct billing Zip or Postal Code on your bank statement. 

  4. You're entering an Incorrect Security Code. Ensure that sure the 3-digit security code matches the one on the back of your card. 

  5. You're entering an Incorrect Expiration Date. Check that the expiration date you have entered matches the on the back of your card. Ensure that the card has not expired.

  6. Try using a different Visa or MasterCard. Try using another accepted payment method. 

  7. Contact your bank. Lastly, you can also contact your bank or card-issuer if none of these steps work as there might be another cause. Once you've done that, try purchasing a subscription again.

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