Find your way around HockeyTV

Find your way around HockeyTV

The way you explore HockeyTV depends on whether you are signed in or not. If you're using a web browser, you'll know you're signed in by selecting the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. If you're signed in, you'll see your name beside the profile icon. If you're not, you' be asked to Sign in. This article covers the signed-in experience. 

Favorites page allows you to access all of your Favorite Team(s), or League(s) broadcast schedules.

Elite Network page allows you to access all HockeyTV Team(s), and League(s) broadcast schedules.

Community Network page allows you to access all Community Teams(s), and League(s) broadcast schedules.

Broadcast Partners page allows you to 
see HockeyTV Broadcast Partners shown on our Elite Network page and Community Network page.

Events page allows you to access all Live & Upcoming and Completed Events in the Elite Network page and the Community Network page.

Subscriptions page
will show the types of subscriptions offered by HockeyTV with the option to Buy Now if you are not currently subscribed. If you are subscribed, you will have the option to Manage or Upgrade your subscription from this page. Important HockeyTV Notes are also listed here.

My Clips page allows you to view, sort, and edit all created clips. 

Account page allows you to access your account information, with the ability to update your profile, email, and password. You can also see Your Subscription which provides allows you to see your subscription type, status, start date, and auto-renew date. You can also cancel, or re-active your auto-renewal from this page.

Support page easily all of HockeyTV's Support articles.

Roku Connect page allows you to enter your PIN displayed on your Roku's screen to associate your HockeyTV account with your Roku device.

Note: We have removed the following menu options: My Feed, My Games, Following/Followers, Upcoming Schedule. Watch Clips, College Commitments, Manage Reminders, Games of the Week, Channels, and Broadcast Status.

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