Downloading Games

Downloading Games

  1. First, find the broadcast you're looking to download from the Schedule page.
  2. Once located, select “Watch” to play the game. From the video page, you'll see a cloud icon underneath the video player where you will click the "Prepare Home download" or "Prepare Away download".

  1. Once selected an icon that says  "Prepare Home Download or Prepare Away Download", then we are in the process of preparing this game for download. This could take anywhere from several minutes to several hours depending upon the game time. Please check back later.

  1. Once selected an icon that says "Download Ready". Click this option, then right-click and select "Save link as". The broadcast will then begin to download in your web browser.

  1. The broadcast will then begin to download in your web browser and you can find this file under your web browser's download folders.
  2. HockeyTV content is now downloadable and costs $7.99 for each broadcast. We also partner with companies that specialize in highlight videos. If you are interested in this, you can find our partner companies here.

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