Cancel Auto-Renewal

Cancel Auto-Renewal

If you do not wish for a subscription plan to auto-renew on another billing cycle, please follow these steps to cancel your subscription's auto-renewal:

Access the Account page from the Navigation Menu. Scroll down to the "Your Subscription" heading and select "Disable Auto-Renew" under the Auto-Renew Action heading (displayed in the image below). 

Once selected a message will appear stating: "Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription". Select “No” or “Yes”. Once "No" is selected, you will see that your subscription status is "Canceled" and an expiration date of your subscription will be provided. Additionally, you will be sent a separate email confirming that your subscription is canceled. 

To re-enable your subscription click the "Enable Auto-Renew" button. 

Note: For best results when accessing HockeyTV, please ensure you are using one of our supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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