Apple TV Tips for Best Performance

Apple TV Tips for Best Performance

Apple TV performance issues can take the form of:
  1. Lagging 
  2. App crashes
  3. Reduced video quality 
  4. Lower frame rate 
  5. Slow motion video 
  6. Out-of-sync sound 
  7. Long buffering times 
Please see the steps below to improve the performance on your Apple TV to get it running like new again. 

Restart your Apple TV

Restart your device by selecting Settings > System > RestartAlternately, you can force restart your Apple TV by simultaneously holding the Home and Menu buttons on your remote for about 10 seconds, until a white light on the Apple TV starts flashing. Then, release the buttons on the remote to restart the device. You can also unplug your Apple TV, wait 30 seconds to a minute, and plug it back in. 


Connect to the closest base station 

If your Apple TV device is connected to WiFi, and you have multiple base stations in your home, make sure your Apple TV is connected to the one it is located closest to for the fastest streaming. If you have recently rebooted the nearest base station, your Apple TV may have connected to one further away, resulting in weaker signal strength. Rebooting your Apple TV should allow it to reconnect to the nearest base station. 

WiFi vs. Hard-wired connection 

Try disconnecting and reconnecting from your WiFi network by going to Settings > General > Network > WiFi. Select the name of your WiFi network, then Forget Network. Reconnect to the network to see if streaming speed improves. Try connecting your Apple TV directly to your router or modem via an Ethernet cable to see if this improves streaming speed.

Congested internet connection 

If other devices on your WiFi network are running downloads, uploads, updates, or streaming video, this may saturate your internet connection and cause slower streaming. 

Reset your Apple TV's settings 

This can sometimes remove corrupt files that may be causing your Apple TV to run slowly. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Restore your Apple TV 

If none of the above options improved your Apple TV functioning, you can try Restoring. Please note after restoring you will need to reconnect to your WiFi network, and you will be signed out of apps. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Restore. NOTE: Do not unplug your Apple TV while the Restore is in progress.

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